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Foundations Premarital Class

Congratulations!  You are about to marry your best friend.  You’ve dreamed about this day your entire life.  Do you and your partner have the tools to make sure your marriage lasts ‘until death do you part’?  Statistics show that 70% of marriages end in either a separation or a divorce.  Foundations is a premarital class that teaches couples the critical components for a healthy marriage and how to overcome the challenges that arise after the honeymoon is over. Topics include: understanding your own needs, effective communication, conflict resolution, sex, money, and family life.

8 WEEK CLASS - $480

Class can be registered with a $60 deposit and then $60 each week until the balance is paid.


Relationship Tuneup

When you buy a car, the dealership will stress the importance of regular oil changes, tune ups and maintenance.  Owners who follow a regular maintenance plan will typically see their vehicle last longer than a car that does not.  A relationship is the same way.  Whether you have a strong, healthy one, or you find yourself struggling to achieve true marital bliss, Relationship Tune Up will give you and your partner the tools you need to enhance it and overcome the challenges that have arisen or that may arise in the future.

8 WEEK CLASS - $480

Class may be registered with a $60 deposit and the remaining balance spread out with payments of $60/class


Healing from Trauma

Life throws us a curve ball from time to time.  Traumatic events can cripple the life of an individual caught in its trenches.  Healing from Trauma helps victims by creating an environment where they can work through their loss and begin the process of healing.  Whether you’ve gone through a divorce, lost a loved one, lost your job, or just going through a rough spell – this class can give you the tools to recover.

6 WEEK CLASS - $360

Class can be registered with a $60 deposit and $60 payments made each class until the balance is paid.


Understanding Addiction

6 Week Class - $300

Do you have a friend or loved one who is battling with an addiction? Understanding Addiction is a six-week class aimed at helping you understand this ugly disease and how you can effectively help without being taken advantage of.  It is critical for individuals who are recovering from addiction to be surrounded by a healthy support group.  You can be a part of this solution.


Finding Me

6 Week Class - $240

Who am I and how do I find my place in a world that is full of choices? Finding Me is a class which creates an atmosphere for individuals who are soul-searching to help them learn about themselves, their needs, their desires, and how to live a happy, productive life.

Participants can either pay in full or make installments with a $60 deposit.


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